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Talk About The Workflow Of The Future Trend Of Printing Industry

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

After decades of development, the printing industry is experiencing the evolution from traditional handicraft to industrial production, technological advances also mean printing enterprises growing demand for end-to-end automation, further, the end-to-end automation refers to the entire workflow is automatically generated, allowing simpler manufacturing processes, reduce time and cost savings. This is workflow solutions designed to do so. The workflow discussed here does not refer to a specific workflow in the printing industry, but a general term. Solutions to be adopted depends on the printing business, consider its business structure, customer needs and printing process. Common workflow management system is composed of modules, combination can be tailored to specific needs. Digital printing workflow using standard PDF (PDF/x) JDF format. Adobe portable document format (Portable Document Format referred to as PDF) is an electronic file format that will encapsulate the various independent file content in a file, to ensure safe and efficient rendering of content, not bound by the platform. To ensure that the PDF files are available, one can use a variety of different preflight package to check to see if the PDF files meet certain technical standards. PDF file marks the end of the process of creating and modifying the results.

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