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Printing In The Printing Process To Deployment Of Ink Color And Balance The Grey

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Printing plant in touch is essential before the printing, it's leveling ink color, which we need to have a clear understanding of color, said first of all we need to know the color of the three primary colors are cyan, yellow and magenta, and other colours are based on those three colors by varying proportions of mix into it. But in the printing industry are also understood by just three primaries and could not be deployed at all the colors, like black, alone Proportioning of these three primary colors black color tends to be gray rather than we need, and what should we do? Printing small tell you we need to make full use of inks and additives, such as black ink, white ink, diluting agent etc. Printing gray balance during the scanning process the phenomenon known as "color" color cast of the image in the middle of high profile and adjust and low-key are displayed red, blue and yellow colors mixed, so in the process of printing, in order to improve scanning color recycled printing and proofing quality on gray balance is necessary.