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Plastic Printing Press Common Problems And Solutions

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

IIR plastic printing press is a high-tech printing devices, commonly used in a variety of soft plastic such as OPP, CPP, PE, PVC and other soft materials printing process of the film. Plastic printing machine used for a long time after, there will be little problems and failures, this paper will detail the fault of plastic printing machine and solution with the convenience of our friends in the plastic printing press operations in solving the problem. A, problem: inconsistent plastic printing black shades, loops of black behavior. Solution: roundness of prosecutorial plastic printing plate cylinder to see if it is the standard round, if it is not required correction plate cylinder, must meet the standards of the circle. Other hand, adjust the squeegee angle, pressure, or replacement of the scraping knife, so you can solve the problem. Second, problems: plastics printing effect appears and paste and I-level, phenomena, phenomena of burrs on the graphics side. Solution: this happens when removal of static electricity on the surface of the substrate, due to increased pressure, or adjust the location of the scraping knife, if you failed to solve the problem, please include polar solvents in the inks, so problems can be a good solution.