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In Color Newspaper Printing In The Process Of How To Improve The Quality Of Its Printing

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

1. in color newspaper printing-ink balance can achieve the best in order to make news paper after printing color, gloss, color newspaper printing process control in water-ink balance is very important, but also saves a lot of water and ink. Otherwise, water may result in printing large component of ink emulsification, which makes printing a gray title, graphic, photos-free dark paper. 2. the picture layers and color for color newspaper, news can be restored picture color quality to a certain extent, determine the quality of its newspapers, newspaper pictures of the source is widely used, such as Internet, television and so on, but the picture quality difference there are many, so if you want to improve the picture quality of news we need to in the scanning efforts. However it is worth noting is that prior to the scan, we need to first parameter can be adjusted in Photoshop. 3. printing process, considerations for news text, smooth uniform inking and layout