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How To Solve The Mechanism Of Bag Bag Plastic Bag Length

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Perhaps most friends do not know there is a phenomena, is the process of plastic bag in bag, appeared finished length of plastic bags are not the same, sometimes long, sometimes short. If so it would have to be no, but this is the case how to solve it? What is causing this phenomenon? By home and small series and below for detailed analysis. One reason: dust on the plastic bag making machine and optical head. When the photoelectric controller above when too much dust, will affect the brightness and intensity of the laser, so not very accurate control of the length of the plastic bag problem. The second reason: plastic bag making machine and optical head device problems. Bag-making machine because some merchants that quality cannot be guaranteed, using inferior photo accessories, resulting in sensitivity to substandard, the solution is to replace the optical head.