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How To Deal With Plastic Bags After Rubber Roller With Wrinkles

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Plastic bag making machine in the production of species, appear the phenomenon of plastic bags, wrinkles, which can seriously affect the appearance of the finished product to plastic bags and quality problems, well if the problem is not properly resolved, must be linked to the sales of plastic bags, in the long term this will seriously affect the brand image. Bagging machine operators explanation, IIR machine small series sums up the knowledge related to, under the specific contents: one, bag making machine rubber rollers in the middle of uneven pressure, the need for detailed observation and testing, such as identifying problems should try adjusting, meet the criteria. Second, bag the dust too many of the cots above, in this case you can use guns, on cots and meticulous cleaning again. Three, plastic bags back temperature is too high, because plastic thermal expansion and contraction of the physical sex, so there are wrinkles that may well be back temperature is too high. Four tilt, bag making machine film installation, resulting in not parallel with the bag above the cot, which is also very prone to plastic bags have a wrinkle problem.