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Elaborate Sticker Printing

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

In China, the self-adhesive label printing plant, in accordance with the different parts of the field, the ultimate customer type, label application water serenity software, hardware configuration skills strength xianyuan, probably left for class 4 or 4 levels, namely: beginner level, intermediate level, intermediate level and advanced level. Poor levels has its own characteristics, each with its own customer base. It is worth noting that is printing factory organized the bump is directly proportional to its economic benefits don't have to, but depending upon the regional different levels of market requirements and printing plant of its own management. Junior sticker printing plant of the ultimate user when you use the VIP (variable information printing) label-dominated sectors, such as supermarket, store, electronics industry, stack hotels and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries. These customer as unusual are to on products label held two times print (or handwriting), as: supermarket in the using of label, posted standard Qian to in electronic scales Shang playing Shang commodity name and value; city store in using of label, to with price gun will value print in label surface, again will label paste in commodity appearance; vacancies label is to in production course in the using barcode printer random print products information, as production date, and products serial number,. Other clients are using maybe a color label, and label printing level requirements of the enterprise.