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Plastic film blowing machine to promote agriculture policy leap forward

Kingdom Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2016

Plastic film blowing machine can help farmers; plastic film blowing machine, plastic sheeting and agricultural production are closely before, increasing farmers ' income in agriculture, directly promoting rural stability. Film blowing machine in "three agricultures" problem when already plays an important role. Innovations in film blowing machine for the original film, to bring infinite business opportunities, individual and private small and medium enterprises in villages and towns, promote the development of agriculture, hottest start-ups. In rural areas a small blowing factory is a good business opportunity. After early plastic blown film development and transformation of the plastic packaging industry, in recent years derived from the plastic film, agricultural film, industrial film, garbage bags, food bags, garment bags, packaging bags, plastic film production into the era of industrialization. Film blowing machine is a taper up summaries of blown film technology in the past, to adapt to the market demand for industrial production of plastic film.